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Based near Ashbourne, we cover Derby & Derbyshire

We are a business which has built a reputation in offering high quality chimney services in the Derbyshire area. We have achieved this by promoting an ongoing commitment to quality and compliance. In this web section you can read more about how our business works and discover how our services can be of benefit to your household. We are a friendly, family owned company and our dedicated team of engineers all share a passion for offering the best solutions with a quality to match.


We recognise that companies offering services like ourselves will initially be checked out online. For this reason, we provide you with as much information as possible to allow you to make an informed choice. Our web section about our business includes a wealth of useful information including approvals and a greater insight into the way we operate. If you need any background info then please just ask!


Learn more about A.S. Chimneys and how we operate today...

A Passion for Chimneys

It's what we do...

I'm sure you have heard the term 'geek' come into conversation from time to time and normally this applies to some unfortunate person in the IT industry who is compared to some old social stereotype - dark rooms, diet coke, pizza, sitting cross-legged on a chair, barely able to communicate. Well to be honest, we are not ashamed to say that when it comes to chimney systems and providing safe installation of fires and chimney liners then actually, we are geeks too!


As a business we pride ourselves on the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over the years. You will no doubt have encountered installation teams in the past who only ever seem to talk to you about problems. We don't do this - we are solutions providers and we always find a way. Whilst we are duty bound to tell you if your current system is safe, we are really only ever interested in telling you what we can and will do for you. We take your problem and instead of scratching our heads with a blank expression, we see problems as a challenge and one which we will resolve to your complete satisfaction.


Highly Recommended

We were pleased to find a company that kept to its appointments and arrangements. Thank you for making the options clear to us and for your prompt and clear estimates. It was very important to us that the work was done in the timeframes we discussed and this has happened.

Sue & Paul Engel

Thank You!

We cannot thank AS Chimneys enough - they have completely revamped our fireplace with a new slate hearth and modern, contemporary woodburner which has now become the focal point of our home. Truly outstanding in every respect. Thanks Mick, Corinne and the boys.

John & Nina Winterton
Turnditch, near Belper


The job was to an excellent standard and at a reasonable price. They stuck to their budget even though unforeseen additional work was required. This was a major job which they did with the minimum of disruption and they were extremely clean.

Frank & Margaret Bowes
Hilton, Derby