A common chimney problem in rural Derbyshire

You might be surprised at the reason why your chimney has become blocked.

Whether you reside in an inner city or rural location, birds notoriously like to nest in chimneys, especially if your system has not been in use for some time. Whilst this may appear to be a safe-haven for the bird and its new family, it presents a potential hazard for you and your family.

Birds nest are not the only problem though. Other animals can get into chimneys and store up food for the winter such as squirrels, rats and mice. Leaving out bird seed in the garden might be a nice gesture for the welfare of local wildlife but these animals also like to hoard food for the winter and your chimney is an ideal target. Left unresolved, active unwanted guests within your chimney can lead to fire or the build -up of dangerous carbon monoxide gasses.

   Professional Removal

At A.S. Chimneys, we specialise in bird nest removal from your chimney system, and we can also provide other animal removal services too. We ensure that safety is always a priority and that we will leave you with a clean and good-looking chimney to use. Our team is highly professional and experienced and can remove any animal or birds nest from your chimney system.

   Prevention is better than cure...

Our business practice is based around preventative maintenance. It is much more cost effective for our customers to have their chimneys cleaned and inspected annually than allowing problems to build up which may prove potentially hazardous to the customer. Annual inspection and cleaning is relatively inexpensive and will prolong the life of your system

For example, your may have experienced bird nests in your chimney before. A simple and effective solution will be to install a chimney cowl which will allow the smoke to release from your chimney but prevent unwanted visitors from accessing the chimney through the stack.

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