Capping off unused chimneys around Derby and Derbyshire

In certain households, often there are chimney stacks which are not in use. This can be evident for a variety of reasons – in older houses it is common for some fireplaces to be bricked up which renders the chimney redundant, or maybe an old Aga and gas fire has been taken out. Either way, the owner is faced with a chimney stack which is not functioning and yet is susceptible to continual water ingress.

In these instances, chimney capping is the answer.

   Sealing vs Venting

There are two ways to cap off a chimney; either by completely sealing it or protecting it whilst allowing air to feed through. Completely sealing a chimney is generally not a good idea. With no airflow to speak of, condensation will build over time which will inevitably cause damp in your home.

The correct solution is to install a vented cowl. By fitting a vented cowl to the top of each chimney pot, this will allow a trickle of warm air from your living space up through the chimney stack but stops moisture ingress from rain and overall dampness. Remember that a chimney is not just in your roof, it passes right through your premises including the loft space and rooms below. Keeping this flow of air is critical to maintaining an atmospheric balance in your home.

   But my pots have been concreted over?

It is quite common in certain households to find that redundant chimney pots have been concreted over which effectively seals the chimney. This is not desirable due to the reasons mentioned yet the problem can be easily remedied. By inserting a terracotta airbrick in the side of the chimney stack near the top, warm air from the heating of your property will trickle up the chimney stack and be released near the top – this will keep condensation and damp problems at bay.

A.S. Chimneys are experts in chimney maintenance and repair and provide a chimney capping service throughout Derbyshire.

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