Chimney Repairs in Derby

Repair services for Derby & Derbyshire

Having clean chimney systems has a variety of benefits for any household. Not only does it provide a clean and healthy system but it also removes the possibility of fire risks and other blockages. That's why it's important to work with a professional team that specialises in the cleaning of chimney systems for your household.

We do exactly that and allow you to benefit from a clean and healthy chimney system. This is a great benefit for every household as it will also help to maintain your property's overall value and allow you to ensure that you take care of your chimney system at all times.


From general chimney maintenance to CCTV inspection and smoke pressure testing, A.S. Chimneys offer a comprehensive range of dedicated chimney repair services to keep your system in good working order. And with high skilled engineers and competitive rates, we are the number one choice for chimney repairs in the Derbyshire area.


Keeping your chimney system in good working order...


A properly serviced chimney system doesn't just heat your home

Of course, the end product of a well-maintained system is a reliable heating source for your home which is safe and efficient. But this no the end of the story. By keeping your chimney system maintained it will last you for many years to come and the comparative costs of maintenance versus full scale replacements are huge.

For a relatively modest outlay, A.S Chimneys can inspect your system annually, give it a good clean and if there are repairs required, we can instruct you on what you need to do and how much it costs. The benefits of doing this are simple - repairs are much cheaper than replacements. For example, repointing a bit of brickwork in your chimney stack is a great deal cheaper than rebuilding it. Cleaning your flue liner and preventing unwanted blockages is cheaper than replacing the liner. We call this 'preventative maintenance'. It saves you money and allows you to enjoy your living environment without worrying about the cost of failures.



Highly Recommended

We were pleased to find a company that kept to its appointments and arrangements. Thank you for making the options clear to us and for your prompt and clear estimates. It was very important to us that the work was done in the timeframes we discussed and this has happened.

Sue & Paul Engel


The job was to an excellent standard and at a reasonable price. They stuck to their budget even though unforeseen additional work was required. This was a major job which they did with the minimum of disruption and they were extremely clean.

Frank & Margaret Bowes
Hilton, Derby

Thank You!

We cannot thank AS Chimneys enough - they have completely revamped our fireplace with a new slate hearth and modern, contemporary woodburner which has now become the focal point of our home. Truly outstanding in every respect. Thanks Mick, Corinne and the boys.

John & Nina Winterton
Turnditch, near Belper