Checking the integrity of your flue and chimney in Derbyshire

Smoke pressure testing allows you to check the safety of the entire flue and smoke draw test can be carried to check the efficiency of the flue as well. Smoke pressure testing and smoke draw testing is a reliable method to the test the integrity of your chimney system; you can assess whether it is necessary to re-align the flue as this can be a costly exercise.

Smoke testing by A.S. Chimneys will be carried out in accordance with procedures detailed in the current building regulations and will give you a good idea of the current condition and safety of your chimney. From here we can go ahead and assess what is needed to restore or maintain your chimney system and keep it as clean as possible.

Whether you have an old chimney that you would like to bring back into use or you are worried about the integrity of a flue currently in use, A.S. Chimneys can help you.

   Cold Flue Syndrome

This is not just something that affects your husband... chimneys can be affected too!!!

Basically, if your chimney/fire has not been used for a while it can become cold and damp – when you light the fire, the smoke pours back into the room…the chimney is blocked right? Or is it?

Cold damp flues can have a thermal barrier in them which stops the chimneys “draw”. Like an air lock in a water pipe, this can also happen in damp, foggy atmospheric conditions. A.S. Chimneys can check whether it is an easy to cure thermal barrier or am physical blockage due to a bird’s nest or debris using smoke testing and / or CCTV inspection.

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