An accurate survey of your Derbyshire chimney

If you live in the City of Derby or rural Derbyshire and are looking for your existing chimney to be inspected, then look no further than A.S. Chimneys. We offer advanced and accurate chimney inspection using modern micro CCTV camera systems to diagnose any potential problems.

   About our CCTV Chimney Inspection Service

In order to diagnose any potential problems with your chimney system, we will deploy a CCTV camera in your chimney to build up an accurate picture as to its current state and condition.

By doing this we can…

  • Establish the cause of any major smoke leakage
  • Inspect the integrity of the existing liner and identify a suitable replacement
  • Establish if there is any blockage caused by debris, animal nests or foreign objects breaching the flue
  • Check for damage caused by other factors such as subsidence, chimney fires or general wear and tear
  • Ensure that your chimney can be properly and safely cleaned

We will utilise the CCTV footage to gain a comprehensive and accurate overview of the current condition of your chimney from which we can recommend adequate repairs according to your bespoke needs if required.

   Potential Reasons for CCTV Inspection?

  • Checking of poorly functioning chimneys following major renovation works
  • Assessment of existing flue before commencement of remedial works
  • Integrity checks for landlords before properties advertised for rental
  • Identify reasons for poor draw
  • Checking for damage after a flue fire

Our CCTV inspections serve a multitude of tasks and allows us to get to the problem quickly and resolve it to your complete satisfaction. This will ensure that your system will be maintained in good working order for years to come.

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