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There are many reasons why you might consider sweeping your chimney. It is not only to look good and be clean, but it is also to provide you with a healthier living environment. Professional chimney sweeping is essential if you want to maintain the value of your home and ensure that you keep your ongoing maintenance costs as low as possible.

Chimneys can easily get dirty and clogged, depending on the number of times you use them every year. Experts and insurance companies recommend that you have your chimneys swept and cleaned at least annually and this means that you need to work with a reliable team to handle this on your behalf. You’ll also increase the overall value of your home as you will eliminate any possibility of a blockage or even a fire in a worst-case scenario. It is therefore important to always meet with a potential supplier, ask for recommendations about their work, and see what they can offer you. With the right team in place, you will have a clean chimney all year round.

This is where A.S. Chimneys come in…

   Professional Chimney Sweeping services... all year round

At A.S. Chimneys, we offer comprehensive chimney sweeping and cleaning services in Derby and throughout Derbyshire taking in places such as Ashbourne, Wirksworth and Belper. Our highly personable services can be as simple as a general sweep of the lining of your chimney or can involve tar removal and chimney unblocking. By visiting you annually, we not only safeguard the life expectancy of your system but also inspect the system to ensure it is safe and fit for purpose. And we offer all this at highly competitive rates.

   The need for cleaning...

A recent and unusual example came to light with a new customer who had recently moved into an old farmhouse. When the house was surveyed, damp was identified in the hallway because there was a good deal of blown and flaking plaster above the skirting level. This wall was the back of a chimney which the customer also asked to be cleaned. We discovered that the chimney which utilised a real fire, had not been cleaned properly for years and was clogged with soot and tar.

It turned out that the defective plaster was not due to damp – it was due to the chemicals produced from the combustion process which created the soot and tar in the chimney which in turn, had caused the plaster to deteriorate. This discovery resulted in the customer not having to go through the expensive route of a new damp proofing course which wasn’t actually necessary; the chimney was swept, the plaster was repaired and now the chimney is inspected and cleaned annually to prevent any problems in the future.

This serves as great example of how our sweeping services have saved our customers time and expense.

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