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Tar build up is a common problem in chimneys. It is a natural by-product of the combustion process where hydrocarbons dissolve as the smoke cools within the flue. Tar will build up in the chimney over a given period of time and can present a number of potential hazards.

   Issues with Tar Build Up

  • Tar is a highly flammable substance
  • It expands and can block your chimney in time
  • It can ignite or the blockage itself can cause a chimney fire
  • It can damage your chimney flue

A common cause of tar build-up is when wood is burnt which has not been properly seasoned. Wood which is still wet or still with high sap content will produce more tar when it combusts. Other issues which can increase the risk of tar deposits can be as a direct result of letting fires burn down over night which means they are not working to their optimum temperature. Either way, tar build-up is a potential hazard which should be avoided where possible.

   Regular Cleaning

To avoid future issues, we recommend that your chimney is swept and cleaned at least once a year.

A cleaner chimney system also means a healthier home and living environment for everyone within the property. In certain cases, the tar build-up may be so great that chemical removal may be required or a complete flue replacement due to splitting. This can again be avoided if the chimney is cleaned on a regular basis. In this case, prevention is far better than cure.

We offer a professional tar cleaning and removal service which is designed to prolong the life span of your system and ensure it is optimised to work at maximum efficiency. If you are worried about the condition of your chimney and think it needs cleaning, contact A.S. Chimneys – our experienced team will quickly assess the situation and professionally clean the chimney for you.

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