We unblock chimneys throughout Derbyshire

Whether you have a real fire, a log burner or a multi-fuel stove, a blocked chimney is something you will wish to avoid. Utilising our chimney sweeping services acts as a preventative maintenance measure which will ensure that your fire functions effectively and safely for years.

But what happens if your chimney is blocked and how can the situation be resolved?

   Why do chimneys get blocked?

A chimney is said to be blocked when the chimney draw becomes obstructed. The common reasons for this are as follows:

  • A build up of soot and creosote (tar), even in a small way, can interfere with the draft of the chimney because it will reduce the overall flue diameter
  • External factors such as leaves, moss, bird nests and even dislodged bricks within the chimney can cause a partial blockage
  • The draw and overall performance of your chimney could also be impaired due to poor installation

   Consequences of a blocked chimney

There are few tell-tale signs of a blocked chimney. You may smell smoke or a burning smell in the room affected but by then it could be too late. Annual inspection and cleaning is essential to ensure that your chimney doesn’t get blocked otherwise you run the real risk of:

  • A chimney fire which could devastate your property
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Inhalation of carcinogenic fumes

   There is no need to worry...

A.S. Chimneys have all the experience and know-how to resolve any issues with your chimney. We will inspect and clean your chimney annually – by doing this, we will ensure that your chimney (and fire) are safe to use, kept clean and fit for purpose. In the event of a blocked chimney, we will unblock it by removing any debris, cleaning away all the soot and tar and inspecting your current setup including the fire and the lining. If anything is considered suspect, we will recommend the actions you are required to take to make sure your installation is safe.

It may just be down to a simple case of cleaning or you may require a chimney cowl to keep out unwanted debris. If in the unfortunate case it is down to poor installation, we can advise and plan a solution to ensure your chimney is unblocked and made safe.

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