We are here to help you...

Our website provides easy, multiple methods for you to get in touch. We have dispensed with the usual contact forms because we have found from experience that people really do not like them. So, we have kept our contact mechanisms simple and unobtrusive.

   Keeping it simple

You can contact A.S. Chimneys in a number of ways...

  • By email - email contact links are available in the footer of every single web page
  • By 'Get a Quote Button' - click on the button on the right of each page and send us an email
  • By telephone - we include our contact telephone on all our web pages

   The best option?

This depends entirely on your enquiry - if it's a simple request, let's say for a chimney clean, then email is the best option. However, if you require advice and need to go through options then a telephone call or a request for a free consultation (a button is included on the majority of our web pages) would be more beneficial.

You can also request a callback, details of which are included in the next web page.

  Get in Touch...

Whether you need a new stove, fireplace or just need a good chimney clean, talk to A.S. Chimneys today – your local, friendly Derbyshire Chimney Sweeping Company. Call us on 01332 824212.