We are fully trained HETAS engineers

Being HETAS approved means that all our installers are properly trained according to all the required safety standards. Our work will always comply with relevant Building Regulations, and we undergo regular training to ensure that we can work on a variety of structures and provide you with the best possible advice and guidance.

When we provide advice to our customers you can be assured that our expertise and knowledge is backed by approval from a trusted government run organisation.


As A.S. Chimneys are HETAS approved it means that:

  • You can rest assured that our engineers have been fully trained and assessed to carry out this kind of work and we are fully compliant

  • You will save time and money because you will benefit from work which is competent, compliant and meets all necessary standards including building regulations

  • You will receive a certificate of compliance on completion of any installation works

  • A.S. Chimneys are capable of fitting a broad scope of systems including dry appliances, appliances with boilers, hot water and heating systems along with re-lining chimneys and system flues

   More about HETAS

HETAS is a non-profit organisation that sets competences for installers to ensure that solid fuel installations are completed to a satisfactory standard. The primary objective of HETAS is to ensure that customers can procure solid fuel appliances and related services which meet the highest quality and safety standards as well as being compliant with the latest Building Regulations

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