We repair chimneys & fireplaces in listed properties across Derbyshire

Listed properties are by their very nature, normally more than 100 years old and therefore on occasion can fall into a state of poor repair. They may also need to have a special inspection performed to ensure that their ventilation systems are working as they should. Care must be taken to ensure that everything is safe and that there are no damaged parts that need to be replaced.

Due to property age, any renovation and maintenance work must be performed sympathetically using the right kind of materials and products. Undoubtedly there will be certain restrictions dependent on the buildings’ listed status. For example, we may be called upon to repair a fireplace but must source replacement brickwork which is identical to the original. It is imperative that any work we perform continues to accurately maintain the features and functions within the building and we take this undertaking very seriously.

A.S. Chimneys has worked on many listed properties in the Derbyshire area – some of these buildings are residential dwellings whilst other are more substantial affairs such as old halls and stately homes.


Evidence of our work can be found at properties such as:

  • Mayfield Hall
  • Snelston Hall
  • Barton Hall

The type of work we perform on listed buildings are various and can include:

  • Routine cleaning and maintenance
  • Chimney repairs
  • Relining work
  • Renovation work
  • Fire / Stove replacement
  • Inspections

We are proud to be trusted as an experienced chimney and fireplace solutions provider to work on listed buildings; this can prove very challenging but ultimately extremely rewarding since we are working with custodians of local history.

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