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We are well known for installing multi-fuel stoves because we have been supplying and fitting them in Derby and the surrounding areas for many years. We provide you with a complete service - whether you need a simple swap over or a full-blown fire renovation with new beam or lintel, hearth and maybe new brickwork, we can handle all of this for you.

   What is a multi-fuel stove?

As the name suggests it is a fire that burns a variety of solid fuels. Typically, most multi-fuel stoves will burn a combination of wood and coal. Some people prefer this option as seasoned logs can be less accessible and more expensive (you can normally pick up a bag of coal relatively cheaply from your local garage, especially in rural areas).

Curiously though it has been statistically proven that a high proportion of customers who buy multi-fuel stoves never actually burn anything but logs on them (more than 50% infact). However, we have no issue with what type of stove you choose as it's very much a personal choice - we will ensure though that any stove you do choose is fit for purpose.

   Multi-Fuel vs Wood Burner

Fundamentally the main difference is that a multi-fuel stove has a larger grate and dust pan under the stove. If this is not the case with the stove you have purchased then it is more likely to be a wood burning stove (also known as a log burner).

When choosing a multi-fuel stove consideration should be given to the size of the room the stove will be installed in and the heat output of the stove. There is not much point having a 12kW stove in a small room as this wouldn't be very heat efficient. You may also require some form of venting in the room depending on the heat output of the stove and if the room is airtight or not (all new builds today require an air vent). Venting is done in two ways - either an airbrick which could for example be installed behind the stove in the fireplace (to hide it), or it can be achieved by an integral air vent (some stoves are supplied with this feature).

If you are looking for stove installation in the Derby or Derbyshire area, give A.S. Chimneys a call. We will take you through the entire process and discuss your options.

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