Further endorsement of our credentials

We are also a member of NACE – the National Association of Chimney Engineers.

   Our Membership with NACE

There are four types of membership for this organisation and we are what is known as an installer member – this means that we have demonstrated that we work to the required standards and competencies to supply and install linings to chimneys. Part of a requirement of this membership is that each time we install a chimney lining this has to be registered with NACE on the National Flue Register. It is also a requirement that only NACE data plates are fixed to the chimney for identification after installation work has been completed.

   About the National Association of Chimney Engineers

NACE is the leading authority in the UK with regard to enforcing standards for compliance in the installation of chimney liners. Any prospective member requiring installer status membership must be able to demonstrate that they have both the mechanical and administrative skills to offer customers high quality workmanship.

NACE also offers members advice and guidance on chimney components and systems used throughout this market sector.

   Why does this membership matter?

To us, it is important that our customers have piece of mind. Whilst we have a lot of repeat customers who know us, conversely many of our customers are ones that have contact us for the first time. By ensuring that we have proper accreditations in place, our customers can trust that we will deliver services which are high quality, technically compliant and safe..

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