Say a big hello to Roger the Dodger. Roger is no ordinary dog - he is A.S. Chimney's dog.

He is our dog...

When he is not trying to chase all aspects of the UK's wildlife, trying to climb trees or causing mischievous mayhem, Roger plays a very important role in our business. He regularly comes out with us on installations and sits patiently in the cab waiting for his master to return. His only needs are a little bit of a fuss from time to time or a biscuit or two.

   Why is Roger so important?

Chimney installation works can be stressful at times. Inevitably work does not always go to plan due in part to hidden problems which may only be discovered when the work starts. Regardless of the stresses and strains of the work we do, Roger is always there with a happy face and a wagging tail. So even on the most challenging days, the boost our little dog gives to our team morale cannot be underestimated. Whether its loving or just plainly insane, Roger has this unique ability to make you smile

So...if we ever come to your premises to carry out work for you, take a walk over to our vehicle and just look in the passenger seat. Roger the Dodger is more than likely going to be there and he will be delighted to see you. He is not the only member of the A.S. Chimney - there is a recent addition - Dave the Rat. Now that's another story!

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