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Regardless of whether your live in a new build or an old country cottage, there is nothing better than relaxing in front of a log burner during the winter months. Whilst the popularity of open fires has reduced significantly over the years in favour of gas and electric, the introduction of heat efficient wood burners has proved to be extremely popular.

A wood burning fire cannot lay claim to being cheaper to run or more efficient than a gas fire. But when it comes to aesthetics and ambience there is really no comparision; a wood burner wins hands down.

   Is a wood burner inefficient?

Whilst a wood burner is not the most efficient way to heat your home, improvements in recent years have certainly helped in closing the gap. There are considerations when determining if your wood burner is working efficiently:

  • Is there a good air flow in your chimney? (known as 'draw')
  • Can this air flow be regulated by the stove? (if it can't your logs will burn too fast)
  • Is your stove manufactured and supplied with a good efficiency rating?

Many people choose a multi-fuel stove instead of a wood burner because they feel burning coal with the logs adds more efficiency but actually, this is a bit of an urban myth. As long as you use seasoned logs in a wood burner and it has a good draw and the airflow can be regulated, then in our opinion it is just as good. Just ensure that your burn the logs on a bed of ash from the previous fire and regulate the air flow to turn it down once it gets up to temperature.

  We take care of everything for you...

We can completely revolutionise your home with a new wood burner - we can undertake all the installation works required. You might need the chimney relining, the fireplace re-modelling or a new hearth and lintel - we can do all this for you. let us know your requirements and we will put a proposal together to revitalise your living place with a wonderful new fire.

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